How to Make A Plumbing Loop Vent?

Do you have recurring unpleasant sewer gas leakages in your home? Its time you installed a plumbing loop vent to solve the problem once and for all. The plumbing loop vent ensures a complete fresh air circulation through your sinks and toilets giving you a perfect circulation in your home. Making a plumbing loop vent … Read more

IPS Vs NPT: What is The Difference?

When you get to the world of plumbing, you will encounter terms like IPS and NPT. IPS stands for Iron Pipe Straight thread where the threads seal on a washer which is common with threads that hoses and toilet faucets attach to. NPT stands for a National Tapered Thread and is also known as ANSI/ASME … Read more

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Pex A  Vs  Pex B Fittings : Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, PEX has been replacing cooper and other piping materials in residential plumbing and domestic piping. The main reason for this is the high durability of PEX, cheap installation costs and its flexibility. This means that every plumber or homeowner who likes handling their projects needs to know as much as they can … Read more

Can You Connect PEX Directly to Electric Water Heater?

Taking a quick hot shower after a long day at work can change your mood drastically. Having an electric water heater at home will give you this heavenly feeling instantly. You can actually install the electric water heater by yourself if you are handy and have all the tools required for the job. However the … Read more

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Where and Why is PEX Banned?

Over the years we have been used to getting our drinking water through galvanized metal pipes. However, PEX a new entrant in the market has drastically changed this phenomenon due to its flexibility and adaptability. It has actually become a hearty issue for most Americans. This notwithstanding, not all states have allowed this transformative plastic … Read more

Best Water Hammer Arrestor in The Market

Best Water Hammer Arrestor

Do you find the banging sound produced when closing water annoying? Water hammer also known as hydraulic shock is the noise caused when high speed water flowing through a pipe suddenly changes direction or stops. It is like suddenly hitting brakes on a high-speed car…in which your body is likely to be thrown in a … Read more

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Best Shower Valves for Pex

Best Shower Valves for pex

Are you tired of crazy bathroom leaks, high water consumption, and fluctuating water temperatures? Well, we have all been there. The magic solution to all these issues is a fixture known as a shower valve. It provides for a consistent and refreshing shower experience. With this device, you are assured of proper regulation of water … Read more

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How To Connect PEX To PVC Underground

connect pvc to pex

Many institutions and home owners now appreciate the role PEX plays in excellent and efficient plumbing connections. We love PEX because its durable, affordable, flexible and quite easy to install. Plumbers love it too because it can run for long distances with very few fittings.  Installing PEX underground is a great idea that can be … Read more

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5 Best PEX Manifolds: Expert Reviews With All Questions Answered

Best Pex Manifold

The pex plumbing system introduction has ensured better and more reliable heating and water systems in both commercial and residential areas. It is a flexible and more forgiving material than any other rigid piping system. With Pex piping comes the distribution issue, and this is where the best pex manifold gets handy. Pex manifold is … Read more

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How Do You Repair Leaks In PEX Tubing?

How to fix a Pex leak

Unlike many piping materials, pex is not prone to leaking. However, you will not miss one or two situations that need your attention. Almost all leaks in a pex connection will occur  at the connection spot (joints) which is mostly as a result of poor workmanship during installation. The process of repairing pex is as … Read more

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