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Best Water Hammer Arrestor in The Market

Do you find the banging sound produced when closing water annoying? Water hammer also known as hydraulic shock is the noise caused when high speed water flowing through a pipe suddenly changes direction or stops. It is like suddenly hitting brakes on a high-speed car…in which your body is likely to be thrown in a forward motion.

So, why does it happen and what are its impacts? Usually, water flows with high pressure and velocity through piping system. With sudden closure of water valves, the flow is abruptly cut and but a pressure wave is created and absorbed in the pipes, making loud bangs. The shock wave generated causes severe vibration of the pipes depending on the age and material of the plumbing system. It might also lead to bursting or perforation at pipe fittings thereby resulting in flooding and water damage.

Thankfully, there is a solution to combat this problem known as the water hammer arrestors. These tools can be installed in an already existing plumbing system to cushion the pipes from shock of the water thus eliminating the noise. Generally, water hammer arrestor is an easy fix. It is a hollow pipe with a chamber that cushions the water with air when it suddenly stops. Besides, the devices are easy to install, relatively affordable and effective in preventing water hammer. You can use these gadgets on washing machines, dishwashers or even kitchen faucet.

Types of Water Hammer Arrestors

There are 3 different types of water hammer arrestors in the market. It helps to know them all to ensure that you get what is ideal for your needs. Furthermore, you should confirm with your local area plumbing codes on what is acceptable. Here are some common types of these devices used in residential plumbing system. You can find them at plumbing specialty stores or hardware.

Single Chamber Water Hammer Arrestors

Single water arrestors are constructed with copper material and can withstand water temperature of up to 180 degrees. They are usually used on a ½, 1 and ¾ inch pipe systems. Besides, you can easily install them on any part of the pipe to absorb the shock waves and remain moisture-free. You also have an option of soldering it in place through a T-joint if you lack a threaded joint.

Mini End Stop Water Hammer Arrestors

These devices are specially made for use in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. They feature a 90-degree fitting and can be soldered in place or attached to the piping through threaded fitting. You can use them on ½, 1 or ¾ inch diameter pipes. Although these tools are only installed at 90-degree angle, they eliminate the pressure surge on all angles. Additionally, they only require a little space behind the interior wall.

Hose Bib Style Water Hammer Arrestors

This type is the most expensive compared to the other two models. Also, it can sustain higher water volumes and pressure. With a 6-inch PVC housing and internal diaphragm, this device effectively disperses water shock waves. However, their large diameters do not allow for installation inside a wall.

Best Water Hammer Arrestor Reviews

SharkBite 22632LF Water Hammer Arrestor, Brass

If you are looking for a maintenance free and reliable protection against water hammer, then you might be in luck. SharkBite brand is renowned for its high-quality products in the market. This model is made from premium grade brass material for durability. You are assured of long and sound free service with this device. Besides, it is universal and comes with ease of use and flexibility that you are unlikely to find with other models.

This SharkBite water hammer arrester boasts of versatility. You can use it on CTS, PEX, copper and CPPVC pipes. The device can handle shock waves of up to 200 psi with ease. Additionally, it can also be used in hot water piping system since it can withstand water temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to installation, the process is simple and you won’t require any soldering, clamping or glue.  This product features a push-to-connect fitting for a secure, leak-free seals. With this technology, the fitting contains stainless-steel teeth that holds the pipe while the O-ring tightens, thus creating a watertight connection. Furthermore, the installation can be done horizontally or vertically.

You can use this model in any existing plumbing system with ease whether you are doing repairs or plumbing the entire house. It is also easy to disassemble and usable in tight spaces. Thanks to the tool’s durability, you to reuse it up to four times without any issues.


  • It comes with T-fittings
  • The installation process requires no glue nor soldering
  • It features push-to-connect technology for leak-free connections.
  • Made of durable brass construction
  • It is versatile, reusable and easy to use.
  • It effectively absorbs shock surges from water hammer


  • You may need water pressure reducer to be fully effective


Hydro Master Washing Machine Outlet Box, Washing Stop Valves with Water Hammer Arrestor

This product from Hydro Master is a great option for those looking for water hammer arrestor for their washing machines. It is designed to protect water lines from possible damage during pressure surges caused when water flow is suddenly cut. More so, its aesthetic appeal compliments house decors without compromising its functions.

The tool features lead free brass valves and quality construction that assures of its durability. You won’t need to worry about the device failing to protect your plumbing system from water hammer effects. Besides, it comes with inbuilt shock arrestors, meaning that you won’t need to include them in the water lines.

Another incredible feature that makes this model the best washing machine outlet box is the center drain connection and installed ¼ inch cold and hot ball valves to control water pressure from both pipes equally. Thanks to the Snap-On face plate cover and support backed included, the installation process is easy and simple.


  • It is made from durable material.
  • The unit comes with built-in water pressure regulator
  • It offers noise free experience when washer turn off water intake.
  • The tool is easy to assemble
  • It offers great value for money


  • The plastic frame is not of great quality
  • You may find that the supply connections and drain cutouts are rather close in the wall.
  • Some users experience difficulty in mounting the unit


Sioux Chief Mfg HD660-GTR1 MINI-RSTR 3/8″ OD STOPLF

Sioux chief is an innovative plumbing product manufacturer known for its high quality and affordable price range. Sioux HD660 does not come short of these expectations. It is highly rated when it comes to the best water hammer eliminators. If you find the knocking sound of water irritating, then this product might just be your ideal pick.

With a weight of 0.5 pounds this tool has a dimension of 1.1*5.3*8.1 inches. It also comes in copper or brass colors. The unit includes 3/8-inch female compression, 3/8-inch OD* 3/8-inch reverse Nut tee, and Mini rester residential water hammer arrestor. You will also appreciate the stop valve for cold or hot water pipes. Besides, the machine can operate with water temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product is easy to install and can withstand high water pressure of up to 250 psi, thereby stopping pipe banging and reducing strain on water system connections. You can install it in supply valves with proper sizing and is even suitable for dish washer connections. When it comes to durability, you are assured of a high performance for a long time.


  • The installation process is fast and straightforward
  • It is perfect for dish washers
  • It is effective in eliminating water hammer and protecting plumbing systems from straining
  • The unit has a durable construction
  • It is an excellent choice for residential spaces.
  • It has affordable pricing


  • None mentioned


DANCO HammerSTOP Technology Washing Machine Connector Hose

Are you looking for a safe and stylish water hammer arrestor for your washing machine? The Danco HammerStop technology could do the job. It won the 2016 Retailer choice award for the best innovative design of the year, making it popular among homeowners and plumbers. Furthermore, its design allows you to engage in DIY projects with ease.

The hose connector comes with an inbuilt arrestor, thereby eliminating the need of purchasing the products separately. With this unit at hand, your can enjoy the quietness of your home. More so, it is safe to use thanks to its PVC, PBA and Phthalate free material that is specially designed for potable water use. This means that the tool is resistant to chemicals plus it does not leave any smells in the water.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of this device. It is made with corrosion resistant polymer braid that can withstand water temperature within in 40-160 degrees Fahrenheit and water pressure of 20-125 psi. What is more is that it presents hassle free installation process. Just check the imprinted arrows to know the direction of water flow.


  • It has a stylish design which adds an aesthetic appeal to your home.
  • It absorbs unexpected water pressure surges.
  • The installation process is manageable for both professional plumbers and DIYers
  • It handles water pressure of up to 125 psi
  • The unit is suitable for washing machines
  • It is designed for potable water


  • There are complains of hose leakage after a few months
  • It does not eliminate the banging completely

Supply Giant IBNQ0012 PEX Barb Hammer Arrestor

Supply Giant Barb water hammer arrestor may not be popular with most people but it is a great quality shock absorber. It reduces the strain on piping system thus extending the lifespan of the hose connections. This model is also packed with functionality and flexibility to be used for both hot or cold water. Besides, you have the option to install the unit vertically or horizontally.

Water hammer is caused by sudden surge of water through a pipe, which can cause damage on water line system like the joints. However, Supply Giant hammer arrestor relieves the pipe of water pressure by cushioning the impact with air, thanks to the piston in the air chamber. You are assured of peace of mind following the noise free performance.

The product works perfectly with water temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure of 300 psi, thanks to its pressure wave absorption technology. Rest easy knowing that your water piping system is protected even in case of high velocity and pressure.

Another impressive aspect of this device is its versatility. It works with most kinds of plumbing pipes and can be connected to pex tubing through clamping or crimping for leak proof seals. Also, it is lead free, safe and conforms to IPC and UPC requirements.  You will further appreciate this model’s DZR brass construction that provides durability and premium grade operation. All in all, it works like charm in eliminating banging.


  • The flexibility allows both vertical and horizontal installation
  • It effectively arrests shock waves
  • It reduces pressure on seals
  • The device is safe and built to last
  • It can contain water temperature of up to 250 degrees and pressure of 300 psi


  • Some users have reported issues with performance


How to Install Water Hammer Arrestor

Water hammer is more than just annoying clamor. It can cause actual damage on water lines and joints which may result in leakage, flooding and expensive repairs. Besides, the banging may also be an indication of bigger issues like having excess water pressure in the supply lines. However, there is good news. As a homeowner, you can get rid of the water hammer problem without any professional help by installing arrestors.

Today, most water hammer arrestors are easy to install due to their screw-type connectors. However, call a plumber to assemble the device if you are not familiar with basic knowledge on plumbing systems.  Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to install a water hammer arrestor on your own.

Tools required for the project

  • Right size water hammer arrestor, two for hot and cold pipes.
  • Pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Towels or paper towels

You may also need

Step 1: Find the location of the problem

First, search for the source of the noise whether it is the pipes or appliances. Usually, dishwashers and washing machines are the major causes of water hammer because they tend to open and shut off water flow abruptly and quite often. Keep an eye on other possible culprits. Water hammer arrestors works best if installed within six feet of the valve causing pressure surges. Therefore, it is in your best interest to install the device in the same space as the noisy valve.

Step 2: Access the plumbing system

Find an access point to the plumbing fixture causing banging. This could be moving your appliance like washing machine from the wall, opening access panel with screw driver or making a hole on a wall to access the piping. You may also have to remove pipe insulation that may cover the plastic pipe. You are likely to access the problematic valve without any further issues.

Step 3: Troubleshoot

Hearing banging upon closure of a valve may mean that a water line is not properly secured to the surface. You can secure all your metal pipes firmly and listen whether the noise is still there or not. Room vibration may also enhance the noise from loose pipes and plastic water lines. If you still hear the banging then installing the water hammer is inevitable. It is the only option to totally eliminate water hammer.

Step 4: Shut off the water

Turn off the water supply of the entire house if you don’t have an option of shutting off water to that specific area. Proceed to drain the pipes in a bucket and clean the drips using towels or paper towels. You can open the faucets on the fixture you are working on to make the draining process fast. In no time, the pipes will be empty and you can move to the next step.

Step 5: Cut the pipe

Now its time to cut the pipes. Choose the location within six feet of the valve and cut about an inch of the pipe. Usually, arrestors are installed using T-fittings. Therefore, you should measure and cut the piping in a way that it leaves room to fit pipes from both ends of the T-fittings. Also, ensure that the section cut out is the right size of the water hammer arrestor. Keep in mind that not all water hammer arrestors require T-fittings.

Step 6: Prepare the pipes

Prepare the copper pipes, T-fittings, the arrestor and tube endings by sanding, polishing and coating with flux. For plastic pipes, you can sand of any burrs and clean them well per your contact cement instruction.

Step 7: Install the water hammer arrestor

First install the pipes into the T-fittings, then proceed to connect the arrestor to the T-fitting. For copper pipes, solder them together to create watertight connections. But with plastic pipes you should apply primer and contact cement as recommended.

Step 8: Test the effectiveness

Give the joints time to dry or cool off before turning on the water. Test the performance of the water hammer arrestor by shutting off the valve that caused banging earlier. Listen if there is still noise or leakage from the connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my water hammer arrestor not working?

A common reason why your water hammer arrestor is not working may be because of the pressure reducing valve in the plumbing system. Installing a pressure gauge in the waterline monitors the water pressure to let you know when the device is not working.

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Q2:  How long do water hammer arrestors last?

High quality water hammer arrestors are built to last a lifetime when properly installed. Besides, they are meant to withstand up to half a million cycles before failing. They should never wear out ahead of the plumbing system. Having a low-capacity arrestor in a high-pressure supply water line lessens the tool’s lifespan.

Q3: What should I consider when choosing the best water hammer arrestor?

There are certain factors to keep in mind when choosing the best water hammer arrestor. They include connection size, material, working pressure, ease of use, versatility, durability, design and cost.

Q4: Can water hammer arrestors eliminate piping vibrations?

If the piping vibration is as a result of shock surge in the piping system, then installing a water hammer arrester near a quick closure valve is the solution.

Q5: Can I install water hammer arrestors upside down?

Installing water hammer arrestor is quite simple. Use the compression fittings for dishwashers. Also, you can screw the arrestor on the male fitting right, sideways or upside down. Remember to install arrestors near the noise-making fixture.

Q6: Where is the best place to install water hammer arrestor?

The actual place of installing the arrestor depends on the arrangement of the piping system. Generally, the best areas include isolation valve, near pump, or close to a point which pipe changes direction.

Q7: How does water hammer arrestor work?

When a valve shuts off, it stops the momentum of water flowing through a pipe causing the water lines to shake and make noise. A water hammer arrestor solves this problem by cushioning the shock waves with air.

Summing Up

The noise caused when high water pressure crashes through a water line can be annoying as well as destructive. Its impact can loosen some pipes and cause leakage in piping joints. In the worst situation, the water hammer can burst a pipe and cause flooding leading to extensive water damage and costly repairs. However, installing the best water hammer arrestor guarantees you a peaceful life and effective water supply system.

Our best pick is the SharkBite 22632LF Water Hammer Arrestor. It is affordable and of high quality and durability. Furthermore, it comes with instant push-fit connection that makes installation process easy and fast. The versatility and ease of use is also very impressive.

Our second pick is the Sioux Chief Mfg HD660-GTR1 MINI-RSTR 3/8″ OD STOPLF. It features an innovative design that completely eliminates the water hammer. Besides, it can withstand high water pressure and temperature with its durable construction.