How Long Do PEX Fittings Last?

PEX fittings last anywhere between 20 and 50 years. These is determined by the type and quality of the fitting and how regular the plumbing system is serviced. Another key determinant of the lifespan of the PEX crimps or clamps is the skill or workmanship of the plumber. You can have the best quality fittings … Read more

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How To Replace Galvanized Pipes With PEX.

If you live in a house that was built in the 1950’s to the 1970’s, there is a high possibility that your plumbing works run on galvanized pipes. If you have been keen over the years, you have already noted that you get super low water pressure to the extent of just having a slow … Read more

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Are Shark Bite Fittings Legal in California?

Many home owners have been asking whether the Shark bite fittings have been approved by the local building departments in California and the answer is NO! In the year 2010, the were laws passed in California and Vermont that made it illegal to sell any pipes, fixtures or fittings that dispense or transport drinking water … Read more

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How to Straighten a PEX Pipe

It is a common thing to find PEX pipes packaged in huge rolls that have been coiled in your local store. Actually more than 80% of the manufacturers present the pipes in 50 feet rolls or 100 feet rolls. This means that you will have to unroll the pipes during installation. After unrolling there is … Read more

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Why is PEX Plumbing Bad: Pros and Cons of PEX Pipes?

why is PEX bad

The good old days of metallic plumbing are being replaced by polymers, plastics and a whole lot of synthetic materials all over the world. One of the most popular replacements is the PEX pipes. The PEX pipes were introduced in the 70’s but became popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Thousands of houses were installed … Read more

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What Are PEX Compression Fittings

PEX Compression Fittings

Once you have made a decision to install PEX piping in your house, you will soon make a decision on the fittings you will buy to compliment the piping. Every PEX manufacturer or distributor will have their favorite fittings to match with the pipes in stock. However this should not stop you from exploring other … Read more

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How to Cut a PEX Pipe

How to cut pex

If your next project involves installing pex pipes, then you have landed at the right place. We dived in the whole topic of cutting PEX and highlighted some of the mistake that you should avoid for the best results. Perfect water connections will depend on the cuts you make on your pipes which make it … Read more

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Poly B vs. PEX Piping : Verified Facts


Most people don’t bother to know the type of piping that has been installed in their homes. They are just fine with water flowing to all the appliances. However, the situation is changing as there is an increased push to homeowners in Canada to switch from Poly B piping to the new PEX piping. There … Read more

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Can PEX Pipe be Buried?

Can PEX Pipe be Buried

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes popularly known as PEX is a light weight, non-corrosive and highly flexible polymer tubing used for residential water supply. Currently, PEX tubing is taking over the piping industry and all the traditional copper and galvanized steel pipes are being replaced with PEX. However, the question most people are asking is if you … Read more

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Do You Need Insulation on PEX Pipe

Are you worried about freezing in the next winter? Every one of us know that winter visits us annually and there is nothing much we can do to stop it.  We can enjoy the fun activities like creating a snow man and other sporting activities. We also get some negative effects too! The weather gets … Read more

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