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What Are PEX Compression Fittings

Once you have made a decision to install PEX piping in your house, you will soon make a decision on the fittings you will buy to compliment the piping. Every PEX manufacturer or distributor will have their favorite fittings to match with the pipes in stock. However this should not stop you from exploring other options. You will get multiple third party fittings in the market that comfortably fit all the PEX pipes, it is however advisable to check what specifications the manufacturer recommends in terms of fittings before buying. Where there are no guidelines you can go for fittings that are rated by a third party testing and listing company such as IAPMO, IGL, UL, CSA or NSF.

Compression Fittings

One of the most popular PEX fitting is the compression fitting.  It has been engineered to allow for easy connection with any PEX pipe. The greatest win for this type of fitting is that it is easily detachable making it very easy to do repairs and replacements.

The compression fitting comes with two parts to make it sturdy and reliable at all times. One part of the fitting is the compression body and the other part is the insertion tube where you place the PEX pipe. The compression bodies are specifically made for PEX pipes with tapered design ad they come with elastomeric washers and high quality pressure rings. The construction of the insertion tube ensures that the cylindrical tube has a hook at the top to make a smooth installation.

The most common compression fittings are made of Brass. Most plumbers recommend these fittings for various reasons on being that they offer a perfect seal inside PEX pipes. Home owners love the compression fittings for the simple reason that they are easy to install and remove making it very easy for them to do DIY projects.  Finally our Experts love them because they have been tested and proven to be highly resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and wear and tear hence they can be used in various setups and environments with a guarantee of a long service life.

Most compression fitting manufacturers produce fittings in the most common sizes to ensure that they accommodate different PEX pipe diameters. The most common fittings you will find in the market are ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch. If you have different pipe sizes and require special fittings to accommodate the different pipe fittings, you can contact the manufacturers and get a quote on what you need.

Final Word

Over the years, it has been proven the Brass PEX compression fittings lead when joining PEX pipes. The fact that they come in different sizes makes them an easy pick. This coupled with the super features of non-corrosion and high durability makes the compression fittings a perfect choice for any home owner.

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