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How Long Do PEX Fittings Last?

PEX fittings last anywhere between 20 and 50 years. These is determined by the type and quality of the fitting and how regular the plumbing system is serviced. Another key determinant of the lifespan of the PEX crimps or clamps is the skill or workmanship of the plumber. You can have the best quality fittings but have a very short lifespan if they are installed in the wrong way.

To get the longest service from most PEX fittings it is advisable to keep servicing the plumbing line from time to time. You can actually have a scheduled service like say once every year or say after every winter season. This way your system will keep running optimally and it will last as long as possible. This can be done by a PEX professional or a local plumber who is well experience with PEX systems. That said, it is important to note that some fittings may actually have a life expectancy of less than 20 years.

PEX Clamps versus PEX Crimps

A PEX Clamp is a single piece of metal that interlocks with a PEX pipe to ensure a secure joint. You carefully place the clamp ring at the end of the PEX pipe. The pinch clamp ring has a small portion that is raised on the ring where the jaws of a clamp tool pinch to form a connection.  This kind of connection works best in areas where space is limited. The tight spaces are hectic to work in but this connection makes it very easy and convenient. You also don’t need to slide gauges to check if the connection has been made perfectly. The tools used to complete the cinch clamp ensure that they release the cinch only when the cinch has been fully made giving you a guarantee that you have a perfect connection.

Crimp ring connections use a metal ring called a crimp ring. The ring is unbroken single piece that slides on either side of the end of a PEX tubing. It is slightly larger in diameter than the pipe itself. To complete the connection, the ring is fastened on the pipe using a crimping tool. The crimping tool has special jaws that hold on the outer diameter of the ring. A press on the handles of the tool gives a crimped connection after which you can certify with a gauge that it was done to perfection.

Which One Should I use For My PEX Connections?

Going by the above descriptions, you can pick either a Clamp fitting connection or a Cinch connection. For maximum benefits we recommend that you use the PEX Crimp cinch connections for a water tight secure and reliable connection that will not restrict the water flow and last for many years.