IPS Vs NPT: What is The Difference?

When you get to the world of plumbing, you will encounter terms like IPS and NPT. IPS stands for Iron Pipe Straight thread where the threads seal on a washer which is common with threads that hoses and toilet faucets attach to. NPT stands for a National Tapered Thread and is also known as ANSI/ASME … Read more

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Can You Connect PEX Directly to Electric Water Heater?

Taking a quick hot shower after a long day at work can change your mood drastically. Having an electric water heater at home will give you this heavenly feeling instantly. You can actually install the electric water heater by yourself if you are handy and have all the tools required for the job. However the … Read more

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How To Connect PEX To PVC Underground

connect pvc to pex

Many institutions and home owners now appreciate the role PEX plays in excellent and efficient plumbing connections. We love PEX because its durable, affordable, flexible and quite easy to install. Plumbers love it too because it can run for long distances with very few fittings.  Installing PEX underground is a great idea that can be … Read more

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How Do You Repair Leaks In PEX Tubing?

How to fix a Pex leak

Unlike many piping materials, pex is not prone to leaking. However, you will not miss one or two situations that need your attention. Almost all leaks in a pex connection will occur  at the connection spot (joints) which is mostly as a result of poor workmanship during installation. The process of repairing pex is as … Read more

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Which is Better for PEX Crimp or Cinch?

Which is Better for PEX

Are you planning to purchase a crimping tool of your own? Or are you a newbie trying to understand PEX plumbing? Whatever the case, you have come to the right place. I recently came across this review platform where both plumbers and DIY enthusiasts discussed their experiences with various fittings and PEX connection systems. Keep … Read more

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What’s the Difference Between Wirsbo and PEX?

After making the final decision to do an overhaul or new plumbing, we start searching for the best material to use. In most cases we settle for renown brands and at times we go for what fits in our budget. Finally you ask yourself the question; will I go for Pex or Wirsbo? What makes … Read more

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Best Water Hammer Arrestor in The Market

Best Water Hammer Arrestor

Do you find the banging sound produced when closing water annoying? Water hammer also known as hydraulic shock is the noise caused when high speed water flowing through a pipe suddenly changes direction or stops. It is like suddenly hitting brakes on a high-speed car…in which your body is likely to be thrown in a … Read more

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Pex Bend Support vs Elbow

You cannot avoid turns and twists when doing a plumbing job. When using pex for the first time in your house, you may have a challenge choosing between having bends with bend support and adding elbows like we do in the traditional plumbing. Our experts recommend the use of bends with bend support as it … Read more

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Which is Better; Pex or Copper?

When building a new home or making repairs and renovations to an existing piping system, many home owners are in a dilemma  on the type of plumbing material that best fits their project. However, they all come down to the most popular types of pipe materials: Pex or Copper. Now choosing between these two can … Read more

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How to Use Flex Tape : Step By Step Guide

How to Use Flex Tape

Being a homeowner is not a breeze. However, having basic skills and knowing quick fixes goes a long way in ensuring that your house functions properly. If you are looking for ways to make DIY projects easy and efficient, you should consider flex tape. It is effective when applied in the right way. In this … Read more

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