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How Do You Repair Leaks In PEX Tubing?

Unlike many piping materials, pex is not prone to leaking. However, you will not miss one or two situations that need your attention. Almost all leaks in a pex connection will occur  at the connection spot (joints) which is mostly as a result of poor workmanship during installation.

The process of repairing pex is as easy as a new installation considering that it happens at the joints.  You first need to identify whether the connection uses crimps or clamps system. Then you will have to get brass fitting with copper or opt for steel crimp rings which is quite cheap and effective way to repair pex tubing.

Pex Installation Tips that Prevent Leaks

  1. Use pressure to test and monitor the pex system soon after installation as guided by the local building and plumbing codes. If you happen to have a leak in the system, the temperature gauge will show a lower reading compared to the initial reading.
  2. If the system uses a crimp connection, ensure you use a Go-No-G0 gauge for the test to get accurate results.
  3. Some leaks happen during and after freezing hence it is important to check the manufacturers guide on freezing protections and follow their freeze prevention and installation guide abiding to all the requirements.

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Pex Crimp Connection Repair Requirements

  1. Pex Tubing
  2. Pex Cutter
  3. Pex Crimp Tool right size
  4. Right Pex fittings
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Go-No-Go gauge


How To Repair the Leaking Pex Tubing

  1. Identify the leaking section of the pex tubing and cut it out with a pex cutter.
  2. Measure the size of the broken part using your tape measure.
  3. Cut a new piece of pex tubing that you will use for the repair. Measure the length and ensure it is slightly longer than the length of the part that needs to be repaired.
  4. Use the Crimp connection method to connect the tubing to the fittings.
  5. When you are done, check the connection with a Go-No-Go gauge to ensure no more leaks.



Quick Fix Emergency Tips

There are situations that find you unprepared and you need to act really fast. This is where the Emergency Repair Tape comes in. You can use the tape temporarily as you await to get a professional job to fix your pex leakage.

You just need to identify the leaking area and cover it properly with the self fusing tape. Just be careful not to apply so much pressure to constrain the water movement.

This is however a first aid as you await professional repair and it cannot be relied upon for a long period.