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Which is Better for PEX Crimp or Cinch?

Are you planning to purchase a crimping tool of your own? Or are you a newbie trying to understand PEX plumbing? Whatever the case, you have come to the right place. I recently came across this review platform where both plumbers and DIY enthusiasts discussed their experiences with various fittings and PEX connection systems. Keep reading for the best experience when choosing the best tool for a reliable connection in your house in and out of season.

Why Use PEX?

PEX connection system is a household name in the plumbing field. The numerous benefits have convinced professionals to switch to PEX. The first reason why you should use PEX is that it is cheaper compared to copper.  If you want to remain competitive in the plumbing industry, then PEX is the ideal choice. Other reasons why you should consider PEX pipes and connections include:

·         Flexibility

Due to the flexible nature of PEX, it easily bends with a change of direction, thereby requiring fewer connections. As a result, the installation process is made easy and faster, leaving little room for error.

The flexibility of PEX also means that the material can contract and expand to its original size. This feature allows it to withstand frozen water in pipes.  It is impressive that some kinds of PEX can expand up to three times their average size.

·         Durability

PEX is highly resistant to scale buildup, pitting, and corrosion. You will never have to worry about the restricted flow of water or leakage. ASTM provides guidelines to ensure that PEX pipes’ life expectancy is at least 50 years. To sum it all, PEX is very durable and affordable. Not only will it give you a lifetime service, but it also requires little material, and the installation process is simple and faster.

Which Is Better for PEX Crimp or Cinch?

When it comes to finding the most suitable crimping tool, you might come across PEX clamping tools. This may make you feel more confused than you started. So, which is better for PEX crimp or cinch? Which one is ideal for your project? Read on to find out how they work and their differences. While PEX crimp might be an ideal choice for your plumbing workload, PEX clamp device can be the better option.

Usually, there are two main methods of connections in PEX installation; the crimp method and the cinching method. Others also include press or push connection, which eliminates the use of any tool whatsoever. Although users find it fast and easy, it leaves a wide margin for error. Another method is the expansion technique. It is considered very reliable but quite pricey to install.

PEX Crimping

It is the oldest and most popular method of sealing connections. Both professionals are homeowners trust PEX crimping tools to provide fast, reliable, and accurate seals. PEX crimp tools typically feature copper rings for proper tightening. Besides, the teeth inside the ring firmly seal the PEX tubing. The device squeezes the copper ring between the PEX fittings and PEX pipes to make a watertight seal.

Must Have Pex Crimp Tool – IWISS F1807 Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit

This tool kit is a Multi-purpose collection that you will need in your crimping works. It comes with an interchangeable jaw set to give you flexibility with different sizes of rings ranging from 3/8,1/2,3/4-inch and 1 inch.

You also get a crimp removal toll in this kit making it one of its kind. You will have an easy time removing the 1/2-inch to 1-inch copper rings.

When working in tight spaces you can pick the tool with shorter handles. However, the Go/No-go gauge makes it easy to working tight spaces.

This is a very Durable tool kit that will easily clock 10 Years with constant use. You will however need to ensure you handle all the tools as guided and keep the tools safely after every use.

The Beauty with this set is that it meets the ASTM F1807 standard making it compatible with a wide range of fittings from different suppliers.

You can BUY the Blue or Black kit depending on your likes!


PEX Cinching | Pex Clamping

This sealing method is similar to the crimping technique in that it uses a metal ring to make a connection. But instead of copper, it uses a stainless steel ring. Moreover, with PEX cinches or clamp tools, you only tighten a specific spot on the ring rather than the whole body. The cinch method is much cheaper because it eliminates the need to acquire tools of varying sizes.

Must Buy Cinch Tool –Apollo PEX Hand Cinch Clamp Tool

This tool works perfectly with 3/8 inch to 1 inch cinch clamps. Though a one hand tool, you might need to use two hands if you are not very strong.

This tool gets the job done in very small spaces making it one number 1 pick. it is a ratcheting tool which holds the clamp after crimping. You will need to turn the knob to release the tool when you are done.


This tool is manual, it however has an LED light that is powered by 2 CR927 Batteries. The batteries come in the tool, all you need to do is to carefully remove the plastic cover under the teeth and you will find the batteries. Y

The tool is an easy carry around as it weighs 2 pounds. Its made of Alloy Steel making it quite durable with good use. Just ensure you keep it dry in a safe tool box after every use. If you are not strong enough, yo might need to use your two hands. Buy this tool and get peace of mind.

The Differences

Although crimping and cinching aim towards achieving a perfect connection, they differ in varying aspects.


Cinch tools are advantageous due to their versatile nature. You only require one device for multiple projects. This saves you money because you won’t need to buy other tool sizes. Furthermore, the cinching tools are more flexible for both tiny spaces since they require little effort. You can also use them with both copper and stainless steel rings.

When it comes to the crimping method, usually, crimp tools make connections for only a single size of PEX fittings. They are designed in angle or straight models with the former featuring shorter handles. Also, they are flexible enough to be used in hard to reach area.

Some versions of crimp tools work with two PEX sizes like ½ inch and ¾ inch.  Although you won’t need to purchase another tool of different size, the dual-size tools are much complicated to use than the single-sized tools. As an alternative, PEX crimp devices come with interchangeable jaws to fit various sizes of pipes.

Reliability and Accuracy

PEX crimping method is reliable in making secure connections that don’t leak. They also include a Go/ No Go gauge for checking if connections are properly sealed. While cinching tools may lack this feature, they are designed to stop working when the pipes are fully closed. The link snugly fits that you end up with two bumps like a copper ring. Some users feel that the crimp connections are more secure because the ring tightens the whole body.


As a professional plumber, you want your work to be fast, easy, and perfect with the first attempt. The crimping method is very popular with its ease of use. You don’t require any special skills to use crimping tools. This makes them suitable for both beginners and experts. On the other hand, cinching is relatively technical and requires expertise. However, it is easy to remove the clamps if you make a mistake.


Crimping involves copper rings while cinching woks with stainless steel rings. Because copper is more prone to corrosion than the latter, it is less durable. The copper material can also cause damage to the pipe system due to freezing water.

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When sealing pex pipes, you can use either a pex clamp tool or a pex crimp tool as they serve the same purpose. However, there are unique differences between these two. The pex crimp tool is limited to using copper and it crimps the whole crimp ring. With the clamp tool, you get to use different materials ranging from copper to stainless steel, it however  cinches just one section of the whole fitting.

PEX has changed the dynamics of plumbing for both professionals and homeowners with its affordability and flexibility. When it comes to which method is better between crimping and cinching, it all comes down to personal preference and workload. If you are looking for a fast and more secure connection that will stand the test of time, crimp tools are your better option. But if you want more flexibility without working more, go for PEX clamps.