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How to Cut PEX : Step By Step Guide

PEX tubing is an excellent plumbing material due to its flexibility and the need for fewer connections. Installation of water supply, heating and sewage pipeline includes cutting large quantities of PEX pipes. It is not advisable to use available home tools because they may cause some problems in the future.

Clean cutting requires the use of professional tools. You can find them at physical or online hardware stores. Always ensure that you measure and mark the tubing before making any cuts.

Choosing Tools Needed for Cutting PEX Tubing

When it comes to choosing PEX cutting tools, there are two options available. The manual devices and the electronic ones. Each of these options comes with merits and demerits. Household tools like saws are dangerous and not applicable in this case due to the density of the PEX tubing.

Selecting the best equipment for your individual needs depends on the complexity and volume of your work. Although scissors may be a cheaper option for cutting PEX tubing, roller tools are more efficient choice.

If you are looking for the best tool to cut cross-linked polyethylene pipes, focus on two main points:

  • Ensure the blades are constructed of alloy steel
  • The pipe cutter should have two indicators for maximum and minimum pipe size. This allows you to use the tool on a range of projects.

Usually, the body construction of such tools involve some type of metal like steel for durability. Although you may think that the heavy duty construction means that the tools are heavy, that is not the case. The steel cutting devices are light in weight making them more efficient and requiring less effort and power.

How to Cut PEX Using A PEX Cutter

PEX cutter is a specialized tool designed for cutting PEX pipes. It is an economical choice though it requires some muscles. Pick a model with ergonomic design for comfortable use. other items you need include a marker and a measuring tape.

Here is a step by step procedure of cutting PEX pipe.

  • Straighten the PEX tubing first.

It allows proper measuring and even cuts. Lay it on a flat surface and make it as straight as you can.

  • Measure the piping

After straightening out your tubing, measure it out to know how much you need for the project. remember to leave room to allow contraction and expansion by adding about extra 1 inch.

  • Mark your measurements

Upon measuring the piping, use a point marker or pen to clearly mark the cutting line. This makes the process easy, precise and helps in avoiding possible mistakes.

  • Insert the area you want to cut in the tool.

Position the line you want to cut through the tool’s mouth and directly under the blade. hold it tightly in place.

  • Cut the PEX piping

Squeeze the tool’s handles together to finish the cut. You may need to squeeze and twist the too several times if using a smaller PEX cutter for a clean cut.

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Bottom Line

Cutting PEX plumbing pipes should not be a difficult task. Just consider your work load to get the best tool for the job. Also, ensure that you measure and mark your cutting line for a smooth cut without any burrs.